Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Progress

The title is deceiving, but I feel that we are at least a tiny bit closer to feeling ok about Ben's next surgery. Today we met with Dr. Sami Khoshyomn at St. John's. He made us feel so incredibly comfortable with his ability and methods. His specialty is craniosynostosis, he is the only pediatric neurosurgeon in the region, and he has never had to complete a do-over surgery, out of over forty similar operations during the past three years. His method involves using plates and screws that dissolve after a year of holding the bones in place. This is in conjunction with a molding helmet that Ben will wear for 3-6 months.

This video shows Dr. Sami (as he is known), discussing the procedure. Oddly enough, this video aired on the 10:00 news, the same day and time that Ben was born.

I still feel we have an uphill battle to climb, trying to get our insurance appeals process completed in order to allow for Benjamin's medical expenses to be covered through my HMO. Dr. Sami said he will help us with that process in any way that he can, but right now we are waiting to hear from Anthem Blue Cross. If we are initially denied coverage, then we are prepared at this point to get legal representation involved.

For a little stress relief, mom, Ben, and I went to the zoo yesterday and the picture above is just after Ben stuck his finger in the goat's nostril. Benjamin also had his first experience with hand sanitizer yesterday.

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  1. ha ha ha. so far Keeley's been licked across the face by a dog twice and insists on petting them, pulling on their whiskers, I'll be damned if those huge arse labs don't mind a bit! we're teaching her to be careful and then either baby wiping her hands or dragging her into the sink for a wash. sigh. the life with a little one is hilarious sometimes. I really really hope your medical treatments are approved ASAP.