Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Days

We have had a surprise four day weekend due to the cold, snowy weather.  I wanted to use this time to work on Ben's birthday present (huge craft project I am looking forward to sharing). However, I had the worst stomach bug I've had in years. Mom came over to help while Josh went to work, and now Josh is feeling terrible. I feel better already, and took a few pictures of Ben playing with his toys this morning.

I can tell a huge difference in his head shape. The helmet has really made a big difference. He is still wearing it 20+ hours a day and is finally sleeping better with the helmet on. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be, but he manages.

He is great about standing on his own and walking with the train from great-grandma Phyllis. I reorganized our bookshelf so more of his toys could be up off the floor, but I still feel like we have been overrun with toys, and I can't believe he's going to be one in just over a month.

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