Monday, April 26, 2010


We all knew it would happen eventually - Ben is walking! I'm about ready to put his helmet back on until he masters a little more control (kidding). I'm sure in another couple of weeks it will be all I have to keep up with him. 

Along with walking, toddler behavior has also started appearing on occasion. We have had more than one instance of lying down, feet pounding, wails in reaction to a frustrating situation or not getting something he wanted. And so it begins...


  1. Yay! Ben's completely mobile now! Well, not yay for you so much ;-) Cute video, and I love that barn that you made for him (apparently he does too!). -Tammy

  2. Yeah! And un-yeah, seriously, it just gets worse, because now he'll be able to reach more things and then figure out that tippy toes allow him to reach more. Ack! Just start a practice of putting scissors and knives and even pens and pencils back on the backs of tables! Forget stacks of paper! Nightmare!