Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cloth Wipes

We have started using cloth wipes and making our own wipes solution. There are several wipes solution recipes here. We are using 2 cups of water (boiled in the teapot first to prevent mold), 2 tbs baby wash, 2 tbs baby lotion, and 1 tbs olive oil.

With cloth diapering, it was less convenient to have one part to throw away and one to wash. It will be easier to put everything in the same diaper pail and toss it in the laundry.

I bought two washable diaper pail liners and I use a smaller kitchen trashcan as the diaper pail. For now, we have 3 diaper changing areas - one in the living room, one in our room and one in Ben's room. It's really not as much of a hassle as it sounds

I've seen all kinds of ways of making cloth wipes and I used old towels, t-shirts, and some fabric remnants to make different kinds. Mine are terry/t-shirt, terry/flannel, t-shirt/flannel, and flannel/flannel. I don't really know which kind I like best just yet, but all of them work so much better than disposable wipes at cleaning up messes.

I've saved a couple of the plastic boxes from disposable wipes and I can fit about 12 cloth wipes in there, then I mix the solution and pour it over the top. I have noticed that the wipes are cold, but not anymore than the disposable ones were.

They wash really well and it's hard for me to imagine buying more disposible wipes again. I wouldn't have even considered cloth diapers or wipes had I not met other people doing the same. It's amazing how our mindset is focused on purchasing disposable everything. I wonder how many other disposable things I could replace if I really put my mind to it...


We attended Grandma Elsie's funeral today. The service was nice and you could tell that my grandmother was very loved. After the family lunch at the church, we had a rough trip home. Ben was not interested in sitting in the car for another several hours and we had to stop several times. We were all exhausted by the time we made it home.


  1. how easy were the wipes to make. like if I asked for some as a gift, would it be expensive for someone to make them for me, or difficult? are there patterns? I actually won a contest recently where I think I am going to get a couple of wipes for free, which will be nice to try them out. do they get caught on the velcro from the BGs? thanks. we have considered this and my hubby says maybe next baby, but. i guess it wouldnt be too late to do it with this one, would it? I am finding I am needing a lot more wipes with the more progressed poos of solid foods, and if I could rinse them in the toilet with the diaper might be nice, that way less poo stays airborne. ps I am jealous!!!

  2. love cloth wipes! I made flannel/microfleece ones, which are nice and thick.

    I use my wipes warmer to keep solution in and then dip the wipe, so its nice and wet and warm.

  3. They are the easiest thing I've made, by far. I just cut out squares of fabric (mine are 8 in by 8 in), sewed them together, turned inside out and top-stitched and that's it. Several are baby washcloths with a piece of flannel receiving blanket or t-shirt on the other side to make them thicker. I think just using baby washcloths would work too.

    I think they are actually easier than using sposie wipes because everything can go in the diaper pail instead of putting diapers one place and wipes in the trash. I also need less wipes with cloth because they do a better job of wiping up messes!