Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Updates

We received the call from the doctor this afternoon and Ben STILL has staph infection. We are to continue using the antibacterial topical ointment and take a week off of the oral antibiotics unless his incision gets red or puffy again. All of the stitches came out today and it does look a lot better. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

At the farm, we have been working on the yard all week. We also planted another bed with 25 cent tomato, eggplant and cucumber plants from Wheeler's gardens. They are looking pretty puny but will hopefully take off in the next few days. We are even seeing a few green tomatoes here and there! We have harvested lettuce a couple more times, but I think it's too hot and those plants are done. We have also harvested a bowl of snow peas which went very well with this Thai chicken recipe.

The chickens are getting bigger and bigger and I can't wait until we get some eggs! Our dog Sawyer managed to kill one and we still aren't sure why the chicken wandered into the fenced backyard. Josh chalks it up to survival of the fittest. It's tough to count the chickens, but we have close to 32 chickens and 4 ducks. We still aren't sure on the rooster to hen ratio just yet. We're going to start culling the extra roos (or at least discussions of) next week.

I am still working on making more dryer balls (possibly stocking stuffers this Christmas) and sewing diapers and covers. The rag rug fell apart after a couple of rounds in the laundry. I'm working on remaking it but I haven't got very far.

Now that Ben has completed the first hurdle of the healing process, he is experiencing a growth spurt that has led me to fill two boxes of clothes he has grown out of. I love the Cardinal's hat and but the sunglasses didn't last very long.


  1. we havent tried sunglasses yet, although I think all our baby would do is chew on them. she loves our glasses, though, so maybe once she got done gnawing on them she'd actually wear them.. hmm, something to think about I suppose. I'm really glad your farm is getting underway.

  2. Oh, love the cap and sunglasses! Hope the staph is outa there for good soon! -Tammy