Monday, June 29, 2009

Ben's 4 Month Appointment

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old! This summer is going by way too quickly and I'm already sad thinking about returning to work in August. Ben weighs 13 lbs 13 oz. and measured 24 inches - both are at the 25th percentile. He had another round of immunizations which made him sleepy and grouchy. As far as the staph infection goes, the doctor took a swab and sent it off for lab testing and we will know the results on Wednesday. In the mean time, Dr. McNeal prescribed Ben antibiotic ointment for us to put on his incision three times a day and a much higher dose of Zantac because Ben is spitting up so much.

For the past month or so, his spitting up has become progressively worse, to the point that he only wears a diaper unless we're going out somewhere or if it's bedtime. We have also moved from burp rags to towels because he spits up enough to make large puddles on the floor around the house while we carry him. It doesn't upset him and he's not loosing weight, so the doctor (and I) aren't too worried right now. We are trying the (not cheap) reflux medicine for a week to see if it makes any difference.

A few more of his stitches have come out, and I think soaking in the pool in addition to the bathtub has really helped. He certainly enjoys it, at least. (He had 56 stitches total, for those of you who have asked me, by the way.)


  1. Look at those cheeks! I can't believe how fast he's growing. You are such a good mama, Lara!

    I'm excited to see you this weekend!!


  2. Those are the sweetest photos! I hope you get a good report tomorrow from the doc. -Tammy

  3. Enjoyed your blog Lara. Nice to see one that's well written as well as interesting! My granddaughter Laura had surgery for sagittal cranio in the UK 15 months ago; she's now nearly 20 months old and you would never know that she'd had surgery. Best wishes ...