Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning to Sew

Josh and my mom went in together and got me a sewing machine for my birthday! I know a little about sewing from growing up around sewing machines and being able to play with mom's as a kid, but I haven't really sewed anything before as an adult. My mother-in-law graciously brought over her sewing machine, but it is in need of some major repair and it was skipping stitches and had to be re-threaded every few minutes.

I would love to write about how to sew, but I don't know enough myself. My only advice would be to practice and play around with it. From what I can tell, a great deal of sewing skill comes from experience and practice, like most other crafts.

So far I have only made cloth baby wipes on my new sewing machine. I cut out two 8 inch squares of fabric, sew them together (nice sides facing each other), turn it out, then sew again with a neat pattern. I'm experimenting with the 50 different stitches on my machine, so every baby wipe has a different pattern so far. The fabric is recycled t-shirts, old washcloths and towels, flannel receiving blankets, and other odds and ends I had around with holes, stains, or usable places I could cut around.

As soon as we run out of our disposable wipes, I'm going to contact this mama blogger friend about her great wipes recipe and make my own wet wipes. If I'm already washing cloth diapers, it's not that different to add wipes to the load. I'll be sure to post about how the washable wipes are going once we've got our system in place.


Ben still has gross, red, crusty sores on his head and is a little fussier than normal. We go back Monday to check on the infection and see if we need more or a different type of antibiotics.


  1. Ok, trying this again! Hello from another MO blogger/donkey owner! Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but glad to "visit" you! Congrats on the new sewing machine - looks like you're off to a wonderful start. And sure hope your darling baby is feeling better now - what a sweetie pie. -Tammy

  2. Me again - Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the compliment also. I use Picasa (Google's photo program - free download) for the collages. I am addicted to them!! If you start collaging, bet you can't stop! :-) -tw

  3. Hi Lara. I'm another MO blogger and I found you from Tammy's (Flat Creek Farm) blog. I'm going to try the collaging yours. You have a sweet baby. Your flowerbeds look great.

    Have a great day.