Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Staph Infection

Over the weekend we took Ben into urgent care because it was clear that his incision had become infected. Yesterday the lab results came back and Ben tested positive for staph infection. They reassured me that it's not the "bad" kind (MRSA) and we should be able to treat it with antibiotics. We also have weekly doctors appointments and lots of testing ahead to make sure it clears up.

Prior to yesterday I didn't really know anything about staph infection. It is a bacteria that about 20% of people carry and can lead to all sorts of bad things if not treated, such as pneumonia, meningitis, bone marrow infection, heart problems, toxic shock syndrome, sepsis, boils and other gross skin things. The additional concern to staph infection is the tendency for it to be resistant to antibiotics. Ben is on a high dose of antibiotics for 10 days, then after testing he may need another round at home or he may even be admitted to the hospital for a short stay with IV antibiotics.

We really don't know for sure how Ben got staph, but each year over 500,000 hospital patients come home with this unwelcome souvenir.

I am also now at a higher risk for getting staph infection myself. Ben is very contagious and we aren't having anyone over or going anywhere for a while (which might make me a little nutty). I have read several reports of breastfeeding mothers and babies passing staph between one another through nursing and mothers getting mastitis due to the bacteria, which would be horrible. Most of these cases are from MRSA from what I've read, though.

Needless to say, I've been freaking out about this diagnosis. However, we are very fortunate that he does not have MRSA. That is the version of the staph that is very resistant to antibiotics and generally requires an extended hospital stay. That is also the scary kind that people hear about on tv and generally assocate with staph infection. There is a good chance that Ben will be cleared of his infection in the next couple of weeks and I will keep everyone posted.

In happier news, Ben weighs 12 lbs 12 oz. and is for the most part acting like himself again. He's been a little fussier and sleepier than normal, but he's also developed a great belly laugh as of the past week. I got my birthday present from Josh in the mail today - a Beco baby carrier (which I have talked about wanting for months)! I posed for some super cheesy pictures of Ben and I with the carrier and I wore him around all over the house today.

on the back
on the front

awesome fabric
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  1. Hope he gets all cleared up soon.
    That's a beautiful beco!