Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today was Josh's first father's day! We've had a bit of a hectic father's day today. Last Monday we hooked up the ice maker to the fridge and we had a kitchen flood by the next day. The floor is terribly warped and will need to be replaced, along with a significant portion of the sub floor. From that time to now we've had many more leaks, every time we push the fridge back into its place. The connection under the sink has also started to leak and every day Josh has tried a new solution with fixing the water problems.

Through all of this, we have had to keep our water turned off almost all of that time. We have showered at my in-laws one day and turned the water on for very short amounts of time to get in a shower with the sink dripping for that time. We've also become very behind on laundry and dishes.

My brother-in-law Joe, baby Sam, and Josh holding Ben:

He worked all morning on trying to fix the plumbing to no avail. We abandoned our mess for a surprise father's day outing. We joined Josh's sister and her family and my in-laws for a Springfield Cardinal's baseball game. This was Ben's first game, and my first time at the Springfield Cardinal's stadium. The first part of the game went well. Ben was hot and sweaty but contents. Poppy bought him a Cardinal's baseball cap and he looked adorable.

My nephew was far too excited to sit and watch the game, so my mother-in-law walked him around to the play area. Around the 5th inning, she was hit in the head by a foul ball! She was very shook up but didn't pass out and said she felt sore but ok.

We decided as a family to all go home, and Josh returned to his plumbing trials. Things are looking better and we will hopefully have water later tonight.

Josh isn't the biggest fan of baseball or plumbing, so I think I owe him a make-up father's day.


  1. Sounds like plumbing problems we've had in the past, and in fact we're having a little leaky plumbing issue under the "cottage" bathroom sink as we speak. Plumb aggravatin' it is, no pun intended. Sorry about your plumbing woes, and your poor mother-in-law! I hope she's doing ok! And, yes, Ben does look adorable in his cap! Hope Josh has a better make-up first Father's Day! -Tammy

  2. Don't know if this will help or not, but Doug (husband and Shelter Insurance employee of 20 yrs) says the water line to the fridge causes the mosts water-related insurance claims of all. He has told me in the past to never use a plastic water line to the fridge, always use copper. FYI
    The game looks fun. That's actually what I gave Doug and my dad for Father's Day - a baseball game. We'll go later on, though. Have a great week and good luck with the water.