Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicken Walnut Blackberry Salad

We harvested our first full bowl of lettuce today (we started very late). For dinner we ate a delicious salad with fresh leaf lettuce, basil, chicken, walnuts, feta, and blackberries for dinner. It was awesome. I love fresh food, and this was the first meal I've ever picked on my own. How rewarding! I planned on taking some pictures, but we finished the salad before I got the chance.

Elsewhere on the farm we have a major Japanese beetle problem. They have nearly destroyed most of our fruit trees. Josh did some research about natural repellents and concocted a solution that consists of Tabasco sauce, and dead Japanese beetles. He shook the existing beetles off and sprayed the solution on the trees. We will see how well this works.

Josh assembled my birthday present from his parents - a lawn swing and I love it! The ducks and chickens are growing, potato plants are taking off in the old tires near the raised beds, and the parsley and basil are ready for picking as we need it.

Ben is still on his antibiotics for the next week or so. His next appointment is a week from this coming Monday, and the infection is looking a little better each day. It's still a little red and puffy and some of the stitches have started falling out. He has been nursing very, very frequently and not sleeping as long lately.

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  1. sorry about the beatles!! we had them horribly when we lived in ozark - i think they are worse down there than in town! if you have land far far away (and down wind) from your plants and trees you could use a Japanese beatle trap... it attracks them from miles around so you want to keep it far away from your plants.. if your trees are short, taking a cup of soapy water and knocking the beetles into the cup goes a long way too .. i've heard you can kill them with a squirt bottle of soapy water too but i've never tried it.. good luck!! i hate how they show up right when things are really looking good and filling in and just mess everything up!

    oh, and thats crazy about your lettuce! how is it doing with the heat? mine is just finishing ( i planted it from seed in late march) i was thinking of replanting in a few weeks..