Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remodeling Hell

I have a solution for our nation's overcrowded prisons - we should force inmates to remodel. There would definitely be a much lower recidivism rate. Remodeling is some rare socially acceptable form of torture and I am a victim.

Six months of my incessant nagging got me the ice maker finally hooked up, followed by a flooded kitchen, leaks under the sink, warped and destroyed kitchen flooring, spongy sub-flooring, intermittent water for over a week, new sub flooring, new kitchen flooring, and still a leak under the sink... As I write this (at 8:30pm), I have not showered today because we have no water. The kitchen is a mess of tools, nails, and laminate flooring scraps and the cabinets under the kitchen are soggy and smelly. We also have smelly dirty diaper laundry stacking up, smelly dishes, smelly regular laundry, and smelly selves.

I have learned my lesson and will be content to have the exact same looking house for the next 20 years. I now know why people tolerate the annoying toilet (where you have to hold the handle down or it won't flush) or an ugly dated tile back splash for years without complaint. I am ready to be content with my dated and imperfect house for a while after this... unless we can hire this crap out. We do have a plumber coming tomorrow at least.


Ben is doing ok. It doesn't seem his staph infection is really getting better. The little pus pockets along the stitches seem to be traveling up the side of his head, and only a few of his stitches have fallen out. We were told they would all be gone by two weeks after surgery, and we're more than a month out now. He's still on antibiotics twice daily and we go back on Monday for another check-up along with his 4 month vaccinations. He seems to be acting just fine, but he hasn't been sleeping as well and the spitting up seems to only be getting worse (if that's possible).

We've been carrying around our cuddly cow from Aunt Linda all day.


  1. Been there with the remodeling messes. I live in a 40 year old house that needs some remodeling too. I'm also at that point where it's going to have to stay like it is until we can hire someone to do it.

    Glad your little one is getting better...when they are sick is the biggest stress of all.

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh Lara, you have my sympathies about the remodeling. I have lived through almost 30 years of remodeling hell, and guess what? We plan to bulldoze this ol' house in a couple of years from now. I still have a horrible kitchen floor from leaks, mostly under the kitchen sink. I DO believe it can be done, but yes, don't be prideful like we were... bring that plumber in when you need him/her! :) Ben is such a cutie pie, and I sure hope he gets rid of this infection once & for all.. and soon. -Tammy

  3. The plumber fixed our sink problem in about 7 minutes. It was the best $65 I've spent in a long time...