Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beginning of Fall Photo Story

Ben is now able to go from crawling to sitting, back to crawling, and pulling himself up to standing on the furniture. He has also started crawling with his tummy completely off the floor, which makes him much quicker. So I only had a few seconds to take these before he was mouthing the camera lens. We are not ready for this!

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  1. Things to watch out for: incoming mail, tv remotes, cell phones, keys, anything you might be tempted to put on the coffee table, forget it and put it higher. In general you can put papers against the back of the couch and he won't be able to get to them. Also pushing your coffee table in front of anything you dont' want him to have on the couch works, too. Until he starts cruising, then you have to be sure it's really out of the way. you're welcome!