Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day Of Loss

What a sad day. Today we attended the funeral of a baby. Gabriel was born into our practically extended, but not by blood, family, very close to our own. The unbelievably strong mother carried the baby for almost 36 weeks. He had passed a few days prior to being born, due to a chromosomal problem called Trisomy 18. He was buried in the family cemetery started by my in-laws at the family farm.

We began discussions about green burials, the industry behind funerals, and our desire to not contribute to environmental degradation in our passing about a year ago. My in-laws began the legal research needed to start a family plot, but we had no idea it would be needed so soon.

As we are preparing for Ben's second surgery, this has truly put things into perspective. We are devastated, scared, and angry about Ben needing surgery yet again. At the same time, we feel so fortunate to have Ben, and so grateful for the technology to solve Ben's problems, when not all parents can say the same.

Our heart goes out to the family in their time of loss. We can't even begin to imagine what they are going through.

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  1. My condolences to the entire family, extended and all. The loss of a baby is so sad ~ words can never express it. My BFF lost one of her babies to Trisomy (I don't remember specifically which Trisomy - just that it was such a truly heartbreaking experience).

    Will keep all of you in my thoughts for Ben's upcoming surgery. I'm so glad everything is coming together for him. -Tammy