Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glade Top Trail

Yesterday afternoon we took a scenic road trip to Ava, then returned home in a loop through one of Missouri's few National Scenic Byways - Glade Top Trail. This beautiful gravel road isn't far from us, and I can't believe we've never driven it before. The 23 mile road takes about an hour to drive including making a few stops. There are plenty of places to pull over and take pictures including pavilions, restrooms, and even a place to have a wedding with a beautiful view in the distance. Below are a few pictures from our drive. In the next week or two, as the leaves change even more, the views will become even more spectacular.

Map of Glade Top Trail
Directions to Glade Top Trail


  1. I've lived in Misouri all my life and never knew we had an official scenic byway.
    Have a great week. Looks like more rain this week too.

  2. Being the Grandma - is he too close to the edge???

  3. No mom... it's an optical illusion. There is maybe a six inch drop behind him. There isn't a drop for a long way off.