Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now With Moving Pictures

I got a HTC Hero (Google Android phone) that has video capabilities, so I will be able to add home videos to the blog now! I'm really excited about my new phone too, although I'm still figuring all of the features out.

We discussed buying a video camera, but now that phones have digital cameras and video cameras built in, there's not really a need for anything separate. There was an NPR story a few days ago about how all of our technology needs (email, phone, camera, etc.) are being met by one component and people are buying fewer cameras and camcorders because of it.

Ben is moving, playing and taking charge of his own environment. I keep baskets of toys on the bottom shelf of his bookshelf and on the bottom of the coffee table and he can pull out the basket, take out the toys, and disperse toys around the house with ease.

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  1. how fun! Keeley JUST started putting things back, which is nice! woohoo!