Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ben and the Dogs

I have been a little slow about updating the blog lately, but Ben has been changing so much every day. He now has four teeth, eats everything that is put in front of him, responds a lot more to his own name and other words, and he is so, so much more mobile now.

He can easily move all over the house and has developed his own little routine. Ben starts by pulling off the dvds off the shelf and pushing buttons by the tv. He then crawls to the front door and watches the chickens out the glass (floor to ceiling next to the front door). He will then play with the piano chair then crawl to the back sliding glass door to "play" with the dogs through the glass. He can easily pull himself up to standing and hit the glass to call the dogs over. Ben then moves onto the kitchen where he can open the drawers and throw sippy cups around the floor before returning to the dvd shelf again.

Ben can sort of cruise around the coffee table and over to the couch, but he's not incredibly sure of himself just yet. He's completely let go and stood a few times, but doesn't really have the balance for it just yet.

Ben has even started waving on occasion and even clapping every once in a while. He babbles "mamamama" without much association, but he has definitely said "addy" more than a couple of times to Josh.

I absolutely love the relationship the two of them have. I have seen very few babies that are as close to their dads as Ben is to Josh. I know it's not the easiest path we could have chosen, but I truly appreciate Josh being able to stay home with Ben. I know that's not going to last forever.

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