Saturday, November 14, 2009

Memories of the Last Surgery

As Ben's surgery date is approaching (November 19th), I am trying to recall the most important details and reminders to prepare myself for the upcoming hospital stay. Ben needed plain onsies to help hold the drain close to his body to keep him from pulling it out. I'm going to bring more separates than pajamas this time because sometimes he could have worn just pants and a onsie but not socks due to IVs and so on.

The hospital told us they would not be putting IVs in his feet this time unless they have to. Hopefully his IVs will be in one arm and they will place his arm on a board to keep him from pulling the tubes out. This may make it more difficult to nurse, but he is so much more mobile and aware of everything around him. I have a feeling that will make this hospital stay much more difficult.

For myself, I wore my nursing tank tops daily and will do the same this time. I packed way too much clothing for myself last time and can really narrow that down this time around. Josh will also be coming home often and he can always pick up what I forget.

I will also bring less stuff with me to the hospital room. It seemed like I spent a lot of time last time sorting and organizing our things, and I think the less we have the easier that will be.

*Today's picture is of Ben and his friend Clifford (dressed as Harry Potter).

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