Monday, November 16, 2009

Preparing for Surgery Again

My entire focus has shifted to preparing for Thursday. I recently contacted another mom going through the same thing as me. Her son had his second surgery three weeks ago and he is six months old. Through a series of several emails over the past two days, she has shared some new insight and advice I hadn't thought of prior to now.

She was unable to nurse for the first four days after surgery. I really, really hope that doesn't happen this time. That would be so difficult on both of us. Her hospital was a lot less nursing friendly when compared to most, so I can't imagine we will have to wait that long.

She also brought crib toys, like the fish tank hanging on the inside of Ben's crib, to make the environment feel a little more like home and so that he can at least hear familiar sounds when his eyes swell closed.

Our trunk will be packed with our equipment from home - including the Bumbo chair. She propped her son in his to help the swelling move out of his face when he was really swollen. We will also be bringing the Boppy pillow again, to prop his head on while he is sleeping.

The hospital has already recommended we bring a few other toys from home. He has a glowing stuffed owl (reminiscent of a glow worm from when I was a kid), and a blanket that he usually sleeps with.

Josh will also be returning home regularly, so I'm sure he can bring the rest of Ben's truckload of equipment as needed. This kind of goes against my less is more policy of packing, but I think all of this will make it easier once we're there. And if it's in the way, I can always send it home with someone else.

*Today's pictures are of Ben and his play kitchen. Our entire house is slowly becoming one giant play room.


  1. We're thinking of you guys. Call if you need anything.

  2. We are praying for little Ben and all who are caring for him. (I wrote this on the post before but for some reason it didn't go thru) BUT what I wanted to say is that if you need anything at ALL we live so close to the hospital it would be no problem for us to bring whatever it is you need. We could just leave it at the guest service desk. No germs! I am a bit of a germaphobe with all this flu junk. I know we have not met before but we hear all that is going on thru your mom and then the blog and since we have a little guy the same age Ben really tugs at my heart strings. He is SO cute!! Good luck with everything and please know I mean this from the bottom of my heart, if you need something we would LOVE to help!
    We are prayin for you all,