Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ben's Nursery

When looking at pictures of the curtains, I decided I should snap a few pictures of Ben's room to preserve the memory of how neat and clean things stay when he's too little to crawl or walk. His room is my favorite in the house because it has so much light from the two big windows. I've tried to keep it very simple, because too much going on in the way of colors or decorating is really overwhelming to me.

I love having the bookshelf and nightstand in the closet. His clothes are short enough, that the bottom half was wasted, and now we have space in his small room for his books, baskets containing his toys, and some of the older kid toys are stored in the nightstand. Instead of the pinch-y bi-fold doors, we used a tension rod and tab-top curtains to close up the closet if needed.

We found the crib at a Just Between Friends sale, and then found a close to matching nightstand, dresser, and chest of drawers at Furniture Factory Outlet. They are all adult-sized, because they can hold so much more and might even last a little longer. This caused the room to end up wall-to-wall furniture, but Ben doesn't seem to mind. Instead of a changing table, we found a dresser-top changing pad that is attatched, but removable for when Ben needs the dresser alone. All of the cloth diapering and bathing things are kept in the dresser, and the clothes, sheets and blankets are in the closet and chest. It has been so important to us, to not let the baby stuff take over and get more than is reasonable. This has helped us have room for everything, and has helped us keep everything organized.

The rocking chair has been in my family for generations. My mother made the quilt draped across the back. I wanted to paint the walls, but I couldn't decide on a color and then it was too late and he was here. I'm thinking a light green would balance out the light blue, but I have no idea when that would happen. I can't really imagine moving everything around and keeping Ben out of there long enough right now.

Ben is in the excer-saucer, if you're looking for the picture of Ben today. :)

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