Saturday, August 15, 2009

Handmade Gifts

I absolutely love giving and receiving handmade gifts. I recently gifted a pair of wool dryer balls and a sandwich wrap for a friend's birthday. Ben has received some awesome handmade gifts as well, including felt blocks, a beautiful quilt from my mother, my grandmother and great-aunt crocheted him baby blankets, and he recently received some very cute silk screened and hand-painted shirts.

Those of you who know me can probably guess which crafty friend's mom made the shirt in the top picture. My mind is already spinning with ideas for Christmas presents this year.

I am still reading Weekend Sewing, but I haven't made anything yet. I have also checked out Sewing Green by Betz White from the library. The library book includes all of the patterns in an envelope that says we are welcome to make copies, but please don't cut these patterns. Sewing Green is all about repurposing clothes and recycling fabric and thrift store finds. I should soon be recieving the newly released book Handmade Home with many more ideas. I will be sure to post with any of my creations from any of these books. Hopefully sooner than later.


Josh spotted our fox friend out in the field one day. We were a little worried about seeing him during the daytime, but he took off just after I snapped this photo.


  1. I ordered wool dryer balls and recieved them lat week. I love them. the clothes are so soft, and the jeans dried much quicker.
    Cute shirt the little guy has on too. It's great to have crafty friends.

  2. You should check out the Frugal Family Fun Blog. I thought of you when I found it. She posted handmade baby pants made out of pillow cases today, along with some other handmade baby gift items. Hope you have a great week at school! Tell my 5th graders hello for me! You will enjoy them all. I've missed them this summer and wonder sometimes if I made the right decision. However, I am enjoying being at home with my own and don't want to leave them, either. I guess I'll just keep up with you and Julie! Enjoy the first few days!