Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1000 Hits!

I can't believe the family blog has had 1000 hits! I am always shocked when I run into someone and tell them something about us, and they said they know because they've read it on the blog. I really only expected my mom to read it, honestly. I had a couple of out of town friends who I knew would want pictures and updates, and might check it every now and then. I have several family members, friends, and coworkers and who check on the blog, which is much easier than sending emails to each with pictures attached in just the right format to everyone with every little update. Strangers have found their way here, and it's fascinating the places where they are from. You can see the location feed in the lower right column on the page. I was surprised and flattered when a couple of my students' parents said they read it too. I then thought, "Have I said anything incriminating? Did I talk about having a glass of wine or misuse commas one too many times?" But I believe everyone know this is my personal life, my journal, my way of unwinding at the end of the day, and my own form of new mommy therapy.

Thank you all for reading.


Ben is all about his hands these days. He wasn't really using them much until this week, and now it's his new favorite activity. While josh and I were at the dentist this morning, he grabbed the dangling lion from his car seat and managed to awkwardly get it to his mouth. I was very excited.


  1. Yes, Mom reads the blog every day :)

  2. gosh our baby didnt do that for quite some time, long after she'd been playing with her hands. some advanced kid you've got there! ps OMG you're going to know I visit all my links like 3 times a day. oh well! Toodles!