Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out With the Ducks

Enough was enough, so the ducks had to go. Outside, that is. Josh cleared out some of the run around the chicken coup, repaired the fence and readied the coup for the ducks, so out they went. They are almost a month old and plenty large enough to not be able to get out through the chain link. We are going to keep them closed in the coup at night and let them out during the days. At first they didn't understand how to get in and out of the coup and Josh had to help them out so they could get out and walk around and go back inside for food and water. As Josh was out working around the coup the ducks followed him around everywhere like he was their papa.

We also got some tilling done with an old tiller lent to us from Josh's family. We were amazed it started right up after sitting around for quite a while. However, tilling our garden proved to be quite the undertaking, and Josh was only able to get about 1/3 done before it began raining. It has rained so much, it seems we will never get these plants in the ground.

Because we have had so many delays in planting, we have still gone back and forth about raised beds versus planting directly in the ground. At this point, we are leaning again towards raised beds because I don't think it's reasonable to use our tiller can handle the amount of ground we need to cover.


  1. most farmers, if they are plowing, will drop and plow for you real quick if you ask really sweetly and they're nearby. that will break up the toughness of the ground and make it a lot easier for tilling with the small tiller. My parents still do their own garden, even though they can't really till anymore, that's why god created grandchildren!

  2. We had my father in law plow it, but it rained so much and it's so rocky, we've tilled some and we're going to build raised beds.