Thursday, May 7, 2009

Diaper Demo

For now, this is how we're diapering Ben.

1. Lay down the prefold.

2. Lay a soaker pad inside (we won't have to do this when we get better prefolds.

3. Fold.

4. Lay a piece of microfleece on top (to keep moisture off Ben and prevent diaper rash).

5. Lay baby on top and fold.

6. Pull diaper around the sides.

7. Fold down the top and hold sides down.

8. Clip with Snappi.

9. Lay cover under.

10. Snap together and make sure none of the prefold is sticking out around the edges.

That's probably the most complicated way to cloth diaper and even then it doesn't take more than a minute or so longer than putting on a disposable diaper. I've also ordered some pocket diapers that are only one step, just like a disposable but made of cloth. We'll use those when we're out and about.

In other exciting news, Josh put in my clothesline! I know that may seem like a silly thing to be so excited about, but I haven't been able to line dry clothes at this house very easily because the dogs could pull the clothes off the line so easily. I saw this clothesline in my grandpa's barn and asked for it. Dad brought it over for me, Josh put it in the ground with quick create, and I painted it and restrung it.


  1. Yay, clothesline! i understand how exciting that is.

  2. Your blue clothesline looks fantastic! I've been bugging Nathaniel for a clothesline for awhile now because hang drying on a rack is a pain. Seeing yours out at the farm today totally fueled the fire :D

  3. hey thought you might want a heads up if you ever plan on leaving the house, a wet bag is nice and here's a way to win one! you get 2 entries because you have a blog. comment on how you currently do 'away from home' cloth and also if you blog about it and post it back in the comments, that's your second entry!