Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While searching Craigslist (once again), we found ourselves a trailer and a couple of miniature donkeys. Josh drove to Kansas and back and came home around seven with these two:

They're a breeding pair and the jenny is registered but the jack isn't. Both are lead trained and Both have been ridden by children (while on a lead with an adult). They're about 5 years old. We can't wait to walk the two at a parade along with a Democrat float. The names are still up in the air because they don't really respond to their original names.

The point of the donkeys (other than being awesome) is for breeding and to protect whatever we decide to put in the pasture. We are still discussing goats, sheep or calves. I'm leaning towards sheep for this year and maybe calves in the other pasture next year.

In order to transport the donkeys and future animals we purchased a 1958 two horse trailer. It's in pretty rough shape but with some paint and a few new boards it should look good in no time.

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