Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Progress

Josh worked long and hard today building four more raised beds. We hope to fill and plant them tomorrow. I planned on taking pictures of his work, but I was distracted by a turtle and I forgot.

I worked on sorting the ten trash bags of clothes in our guest room. Between all of my family members and what Josh and I already had to get rid of, I am essentially having a massive online garage sale.

I think I'm experiencing a little stress-induced insomnia, and this has allowed me to sort all 6 bags and pick out the best things to photograph and list online. I've photographed over 100 things today, but I haven't got everything online yet. Through diaperswappers.com, I can just type out a list of everything and add a link to a flicker page, which is much faster than listing on eBay. There are no fees for buying / selling / trading either. I don't have anything ready yet, but I'm making progress at the huge mountain of clothes.

In preparation for an extended hospital stay, I have also become focused on preparing the house for our return and packing. Josh is planning on coming home each day to tend to the garden and chickens, so he will be able to shower and change here. While Ben is intensive care we will have limited space for our things, so I am experimenting with my packing. Instead of packing everything in one suitcase, I have packed what I need for each day in different grocery bags. In each bag I have an outfit, socks and underwear, pajamas for that night, nursing pads, and a couple of magazines (I have a huge stack that I haven't read yet.)

I also have a backpack that will have my laptop, The Baby Book which I'm currently reading, and all of my toiletries. I'll try to remember to write a future post about how this way of packing works out for me. The idea is that I'll keep everything in the back of the car except the bag I need that day. I've only got 5 packed, and I figure I can send a bag home with one of the moms and they can wash everything and bring it back if I need more clothes.

Ben has been spitting up like crazy - way more than he has before. Because it's been so warm and we keep having to change his clothes, we've started dressing him only in a diaper during the afternoons. He doesn't seem to mind.


  1. oh he looks so TINY in the big 'ol diaper! I think your method of packing is a good one. Just remember you'll need your vanity case or purse with a toothbrush and such in it, that way you dont accidentally send it home! Don't forget your phone charger and camera stuff if you're going to do any picture taking for the blog. If you get done with your magazines, I'm sure the nurses would be glad to take them or put them elsewhere in the hospital for other parents to read. Hope it all goes well!

  2. That's a diaper I was trying out from a friend. It's at least one size too big for him, but it works! I've got the backpack to keep with me, with the toothbrush and all of that, and I charged the camera batteries today. I will definitely be leaving the magazines there - there is usually no selection in waiting rooms. Thanks!