Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day of Surgery

Ben's surgery went very well this morning. We arrived at 5:30 and surgery was originally scheduled for 7:15, but they had a difficult time with the breathing tube, so it didn't actually start until 9:30. At 11:00 we met with the surgeon and he told us that surgery went fine. At 12:30 we were able to finally see Ben. His head is bandaged and he had three IVs, on in his arm and one in each ankle. We traveled with Ben to the pediatric ICU, and they were able to take out the IV in his wrist. He was sleepy but nursed well when he woke up and he has been all day. He has a drain coming out of his bandages and he has been losing a lot of blood, which is normal for this surgery. They gave him one bag of Josh's blood during the surgery and two more since then. He might need another tonight or tomorrow. Depending on how all of that goes, they hope to have us in a regular room by tomorrow evening. Most likely we'll be leaving the hospital Monday or Tuesday and I'll let everyone know once we're home and well. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. The worst is over and it's all downhill from here.

IVs in his ankles

Tons of tubes and wires

Tiny blood pressure cuff


  1. poor thing SO glad he's nursing. YEAH!

  2. This las picture made me teary. It's so peaceful ... and so not.