Monday, March 16, 2009

couponing level 2

Today Ben and I went couponing again and this time we added CVS to our list of stores. Walgreens and CVS are two of the main stores for serious couponers because they both give coupons for cash off your next purchase. So, here's our loot today:

We bought four Cadbury eggs (3 made it into the picture this time), two bottles of dish soap, a box of nursing pads, deodorant, a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, four cans of Pringles, shampoo, conditioner, styling product, two glade candles, two glade oil refills, two boxes of fig newtons, a bottle of body wash and two tubes of lipstick. I used the $10 off my next Walgreens purchase coupon from last week and spent $34.23 out of pocket and received $20 off our next purchase between the two stores. So, my net spending was $14.23 for all of that! I know few people have time to go through and do all of this, but it's like a game to me. I recognize that I'm buying lots of the same types of products (toiletries mainly), but I'm not always going to have time to do this and we'll be stocked for quite a while after I'm over this phase.

Ben did well on our shopping day, but he was a little crabby off and on because he's got serious eye goop. The pediatrician gave him a prescription for eye drops that should clear it up in the next five days, but trying to give him eye drops three times a day in addition to the reflux medicine twice a day is tough. It does seem that the reflux medicine is working pretty well, though. We've certainly been sleeping better the past few days.

Ben's looking pretty rough with the eye goop but it should hopefully clear up soon.

Today I also had to box up the first three of Ben's outfits because they are too small. He also went from newborn to size one diapers. I kept the last unused newborn diaper and Josh doesn't really understand why. I can't believe he'll be a month old on Wednesday.

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  1. those diapers are soso small it is almost painful! so cute!