Wednesday, March 11, 2009

coupon queen

Today Ben and I got out of the house and went back to Walgreens. Brooke used to be way into "coupon-ing" and now that I have a little more time I thought I'd try it. I used,, and to find the deals. The idea is that you combine coupons with sales and promotions, and through multiple transactions and good math, you can get a lot without spending very much. Walgreens offers good sales and coupons for money off your next purchase when you buy certain things. Today was our first day out and we made quite a haul.

I returned three packages of Walgreens diapers (they are horrible) and spent $10.34 cents and came home with all of that stuff! We got the diapers, wipes, shampoo, shaving cream, vitamin water, nursing pads, toothpaste, $8.50 in pictures developed, (there were 3 Cadbury eggs, but they didn't all make it home), AND a coupon for $10 off our next purchase. There were plenty more deals to be had, but I'm limiting myself to things we actually need or will use in a reasonable amount of time. The Walgreens on Republic road is very supportive of the couponer's (especially those with a cute baby). This was done through a couple of transactions and a lot of planning and math, but it's a great new hobby and one I can do with one hand while breastfeeding. (The online research and planning, not the shopping.)

Chris, Dody and Clifford came over tonight and brought me dinner.

Cliff and Ben

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