Thursday, March 5, 2009

spring is almost here!

Whew, we had a rough night last night. Ben decided to stay up for about six hours 3am - 9am. Josh took the first three hours and I took the last three. He was a crabby, gassy and bored baby. He has remained a fussy baby all day, except during our walk.

Once we were up and showered, we realized today was such a beautiful day! Ben, Josh and I took a walk on the trail through the woods and I tried out my baby sling and Ben loved it and slept the whole time. We could actually see green vines snaking their way through the trees. I also finally got my wedding ring back on, my old shoes fit again, and I found one pair of shorts that fit me. Today was a good day.

I don't have any new pictures, but I found these on my cell phone.

This one is Josh waiting impatiently at the hospital when we had to take Ben back for the jaundice check.

This is me breaking all of the baby rules, letting Ben sleep on the bed, on his side and he's already completely addicted to his pacifier. I had to take a picture because I think it's so cute when he holds onto his pacifier for dear life.

This last one is Ben grinning, and again, sleeping on the bed. My phone takes pretty terrible pictures. I can't wait until he starts smiling on purpose, or at least while he's awake.

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