Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jefferson City

Ben and I visited Josh at his work then spent several hours walking around downtown Jefferson City.

We found my first apartment from when I was an intern here nine years ago.

My apartment was the top two windows on the left. The store below used to be Kaiser Jewelry but it's out of business now.

We then window shopped, sat outside at a cafe and drank iced tea and nursed, then walked around the outside of the capitol building.

We really do have a beautiful state capitol. I tried to explain to Ben how a bill becomes a law, but he didn't stay awake through my lesson.

We parked near the governor's mansion and as we returned to the car, they were starting a tour so we joined in.

The downstairs of the mansion is filled with portraits of Missouri's first ladies. I'm pretty sure our tour guide was a republican. She had a lot more to say about Mrs. Blunt and Mrs. Ashcroft and Mrs. Bond. The tour guide also spoke disapprovingly of Mrs. Carnahan for wearing a dress suit in her portrait instead of a formal dress like all of the other first ladies. (Mrs. Carnahan wore the suit to represent working women in Missouri - I went on the tour 10 years ago when Carnahan was in office.)

The downstairs stairwell was beautiful as were the rest of the rooms, but they didn't photograph well because of the dark walls and huge windows.

We ended our afternoon by visiting an art gallery near the railroad tracks.

Pushing a stroller up and down those hills was quite a workout. I think we're going to walk around inside the capitol building tomorrow.

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