Friday, March 6, 2009

two week appointment

Today we went to Dr. McNeal for Ben's two week appointment. Ben now weighs 8 lbs. 1 oz. and he's 20 inches long. I'm glad to know that even though he's been spitting up after every meal, he's still keeping plenty in. We haven't really slept for two nights now. Last night was the worst yet. Dr. McNeal wrote us a prescription for gas drops, but he said they rarely work. He also suggested if Ben's fussiness continues, I try eliminating dairy for a week and see if that helps. Ben's also got quite a bit of eye gunk, and the doctor said it would probably resolve itself, but if it doesn't, or if it really bothers us, then we can use prescription eye drops to help that go away.

Our next appointment is in six weeks, when Ben is two months old. When we left, I told Josh I couldn't believe there is that much time between appointments, to leave us to our own devices.

We heard from the Shriner's hospital yesterday and they said they aren't able to help us because Ben's surgery requires a brain surgeon and they are staffed for bone deformities and reconstructions other than those with the skull. The woman who called was incredibly friendly, but I'm a little disappointed they weren't able to help. I am glad we are comfortable with the surgeon here in Springfield. And it will be easier for Ben to be here instead of all of us traveling to St. Louis for a week.

Today is another gorgeous day, but I think I'm going to try to sleep through most of it. Here are some pictures from our afternoon nap.

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