Sunday, March 8, 2009

moving day

Today Josh is moving to Jefferson City. I have been dreading this day for weeks but I knew he'd have to go back to work eventually. I hate that "back to work" for Josh means Jefferson City. I know that millions of women have husbands who work out of town during the week but I don't want to be one of them. In trying to keep things in perspective, I can remember friends of mine raising children while their husbands were studying abroad, working out of state or even at war in Iraq. I know it could be way worse, and he's only two and a half hours away, and I'll see him on weekends. Even still, this is cannot be a permanent situation for us. Josh has worked out out of town/state for more of our relationship than he has worked here and now we have a baby which makes it even harder. His employer said he should be home two to four nights a week. I know once I'm into a routine it won't be as hard. I also know I have tons of support from our families and I could have someone over here helping me any time I needed it, but I just want Josh to be here. I hope he can find a job closer to home soon.

Ben's not happy about daddy leaving.

Ben's a little happier now that he has his pacifier. He's wearing what I call a nightgown and what Josh calls a "man-shirt." Either way, they're the most convenient things for middle of the night diaper changes.

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