Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ben's Great-Grandpa Hebbert came to the house today. This was the first time he's seen our house since we moved here last fall. Ben is grandpa's first great-grandchild and he was so excited to see him.

After he left, Josh took a nap and Ben became very crabby. It took me about half an hour to make a sandwich between calming Ben down and trying to do everything one-handed. I finally set Ben down and sat down to eat my lunch when I heard "diaper sounds" as I call them. I got up to change his diaper but took it off too soon and I had my first experience with projectile poo shooting a couple of feet across the living room. I then got to clean off his back, legs and feet, quickly change his diaper, take him to the nursery for a clothing change, get him calmed down again and then start cleaning up the huge mess. I'm still not sure how to get the poo off of the sides of the pack n play. As soon as everything was cleaned up and calmed down, I sat back down to finish my lunch. Apparently, one of the dogs ate my sandwich while I was out of the room.

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