Tuesday, March 3, 2009

first trip to Target

Yesterday we made our first trip to Target because I desperately wanted at least one pair of non-maternity jeans to wear. I've lost most of my baby weight already, but my body has changed so much, I may never be able to wear my prepregnancy clothes again. The second we walked in the door, Ben needed a diaper change, so I went into the large and strange "family bathroom" with the stroller and disinfected everything before I changed him. He then began screaming so I nursed him to calm him down. I hoped it would be a five minute "snack," but I stood there and nursed for about twenty minutes. In that time, Josh managed to go through the electronics department, men's clothes, shoes and books in that amount of time. Ben was still cranky when we left the restroom, but I passed him off to Josh and quickly grabbed an armload of jeans in a variety of sizes and found a decent pair that will work fine for now. When Josh met back up with me, he mentioned how easy it would be to pick up women while pushing Ben around in the stroller "if he were a lesser man." Right... I've never worked so hard to get one pair of jeans.

These pictures are from before we left. Ben's wearing an adorable outfit from Dody.

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