Sunday, March 29, 2009

off dairy

I've been off dairy for quite a while now, and it's killing me. When we began having problems with Ben's stomach, the doctor suggested I cut out dairy to see if it has any affect on him. However, we started the reflux medicine at about the same time. So we don't know which is really helping him.

Before, I would eat dairy all day. I always had milk and cereal for breakfast, a sandwich with cheese for lunch, and cheese sticks or yogurt as snacks during the day. Then, most often dinner would involve at least some form of dairy.

To satisfy my craving for ice cream, I bought generic fat-free cool whip (entirely chemicals, I recognize) and put them between two of Josh's home-made chocolate chip cookies from yesterday and I made myself a fake ice cream sandwich. I made several of these, wrapped them in foil and froze them overnight.


Granted, I'm still eating some dairy in baked goods, but I'm really restricting my intake. I'll start slowly reintroducing dairy on Thursday and I'm going to have to restrain myself from eating an entire gallon of ice cream.


Ben's been loosing some of his hair, but he's grown quite the mullet in the back.

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  1. buisness in the front and party in the back, Lulu's mullet is getting pretty bad but I just cant cut it. She is so little and cute no hair cuts now!

    Let me know how the Dr.'s appointment goes. You should get the Dr.'s email so that you can send him questions if more come up. Most Dr.'s would be willing to do that.