Monday, April 27, 2009

Approaching Surgery

We met with Dr. Mace for our last preoperative visit. Ben's surgery is schedule for May 19th. Within the week prior, I will donate blood at the Community Blood Center for his transfusion, and we will meet with the anesthesiologist and have blood work completed at Cox South. Ben's surgery will be the first of the day, but we will not know the exact time until our appointment at Cox South. I also wanted to make certain they knew we are requesting the anesthesiologist who did her fellowship in a pediatric unit.

I asked about the family accommodations, and the surgeon told us Ben will be in pediatric intensive care for the first day or two. He warned that it is a large room with and there may be several other upset families and crying children in the room, separated only by curtains. After he is released from intensive care, he will be moved to a semi-private room, but these rarely fill up enough to require room sharing. Dr. Mace also stated Ben would have an IV for most or all of his hospital stay but no catheter. They will weigh his diapers to monitor dehydration. He said there would be chairs and cots for us to sleep on. I asked about nursing again, and he reassured me that shouldn't be a problem, but I should bring my pump and a couple of bottles just in case.

I also mentioned the other mom I spoke to a couple of days ago. Dr. Mace reassured me that her situation was rare at best, and most likely an unfortunate set of circumstances for that family.

I had a hard time concentrating during our appointment today, and I didn't remember all of my questions. The stress of this situation is really weighing on me and it was emotional to actually set a date as opposed to thinking about his surgery as an unknown moment in the future. I know if I have any questions in the coming weeks, I can always call the office. The staff is unbelievably friendly and accommodating at the Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute and I feel good about our decision to have that group perform Ben's surgery.

Ben relaxing on our spit-up covered couch.


  1. good luck i'll be thinking about you.

  2. I'll be thinking about you - his surgery is on my birthday, so i know i won't forget..

    good luck!