Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homemade Wrap!

Milestone update - Ben rolled over for the first time today! He rolled over twice, then decided he was done with tummy time for the day.

I am so excited because I made my own baby wrap today. I use the word "made" loosely as I just bought five yards of clearance rack fabric ($10 total!) and cut it in half long-ways. Because of that I now have two identical wraps. (Which is probably a good thing since Ben spit up all over the first one within a few minutes of putting it on.) The fabric is a thin cotton blend of some kind and I spent forever going through and finding the right kind of not too stretchy and not too thick fabric to experiment with. I watched at least five videos on You Tube about how to put it on. After I feel more comfortable with him on the front, I want to try some of the other ways to carry him with the wrap. This video was my favorite. I am so happy with the result.

This is WAY more comfortable and breathable than the ring sling I have. I haven't left the house in it yet. The advice I've read suggests putting it on at home, then putting the baby in once you're at the store or wherever. I can't wait to use it tomorrow in town. I don't plan on buying any of the other wraps I talked about yesterday, until I decide to splurge and buy the Beco Butterfly.

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