Thursday, April 9, 2009

pantry organization

As I continue my spring cleaning / organization kick, I decided to tackle the pantry today.


I measured my shelves and found a good deal on baskets at Big Lots to get me started. I printed the labels on card stock and used packing tape over them to stick them to the baskets (the same label system I use in my classroom.) We buy a lot of the same things, so it was easy to sort everything into categories:
breakfast, snacks, pasta/bread, baking, desserts, drinks, crackers / taco shells, soups, beans, corn, broth, jello, candy, sauces and paper products.


We still need to organize the spices, fridge, and freezer, but I now have a very clear picture of what I still need to look for in stocking up, and what we have plenty of. I'm still looking for deals on beef broth, tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato soup and canned tomatoes. I hope our tomato plants do well because we go through those products so quickly.


Ben barely cat-napped a few times today and I managed to work on the pantry while carrying him in my baby sling. By the time Josh came home from Jefferson City I was pretty exhausted and cranky, but I'm so glad he could come home today and help me out.

Josh ended up giving him a bottle because I pumped immediately before Ben wanted to nurse again.

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