Friday, April 3, 2009

catch up day

Being in Jefferson City for the week sets me behind on my errands, laundry, chores and everything else that needs to happen back home. We did laundry, ran around town, and had the garden dug up today. I'll post a picture of the garden as it progresses. We are still deciding if we should build raised beds or plant directly in the ground. The soil is much better than we expected, so we might just plant into the ground this year and see how it goes. Ben wore overalls today.

As far as pictures, we decided to have the pictures below made into wallets and different sized prints through Walgreens to give to our family members. If you type SAVE10 between now and April 10th into the coupon code space, then you save $10 off a $30 order. We were able to get a TON of pictures for $20, and we will take them with us this weekend to share with our relatives. We'll just keep taking pictures and having them developed at Walgreens for now.

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