Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day at the Park

Ben and I met some friends at my favorite park in Springfield, the Close Memorial / Nathanael Greene Park. It is such a beautiful place to take pictures, but today was so cloudy I didn't bother bringing the camera. We had a nice picnic lunch, walked and visited. It was such a relaxing afternoon.

Later, I needed an oil change and went to Sears. While waiting, I decided to try one of the coupons I had with me for a $7.99 photo package in their portrait studio. I know I've debated professional portraits versus taking our own, as far as cost and quality. Today proved most everyone right. The Sears pictures were terrible. They essentially used dirty, wrinkled sheets with a boppy under it. The backdrops and props were worn, dated and lame. The stuffed animals smelled like pee. The sheets they used as backdrops were dirty, and the photographer was more of a salesperson than anything. I know it's her job to get sell the packages, but we only spent the $7.99 from the coupon, and even that was a stretch. I would not recommend anyone go there - even with the coupon.

I will say Ben was in a fantastic mood all day and I snapped a few pictures of his great mood this morning.

He loves watching the baby in the mirror.

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