Tuesday, April 7, 2009

shop at home first

Today was a beautiful day! We took a walk outside to check on the flowers. They survived the freeze, but I'm not sure they will last much longer with the dogs running through them.

As I have started my stockpiling project, storage and organization has become the new focus. I worked on the laundry room cabinets and the hall linen closet. My first thought was developing a long-term system which means keeping everything up high and out of toddler reach. I pulled most everything out from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and divided the toiletries and cleaning products, then tried to group by smaller categories. In the linen closet, Josh has a shelf and I have two. In the laundry room cabinets I grouped by category / room - bathroom, kitchen, laundry, dusting, outdoors, and there are several odds and ends like light bulbs and spray paint in there too.



The idea is now that everything is organized and grouped, I will know not to stockpile anymore of certain things unless they are next to free. Also, as we need things, we can easily find them and not purchase them again. (Hence the "shop at home first" title.) The next biggie is the food. I'm going to need some plastic tubs to conquer that, though. And maybe a label maker. The long term plan is to store extra food in the basement after I get into canning.

The towels and toilet paper are now under the bathroom sinks. They are much safer than toilet cleaner for a kid to get into.


We did some double coupon deals at Dillons, then stopped by mom's Bunko group to meet everyone.

*Coupon tip of the day - Price Cutter on Republic Road doubles coupons up to and including 50 cents, but not the one in Ozark (I called them.) Dillon's doubles coupons up to and including 50 cents AND if the coupon is between 50 cents and less than $1, they will round it up to $1. This resulted in quite a few deals, but it took forever to hunt for the items that matched the coupons.*

Ben was pretty fed up by the time we got home, but he calmed down after a diaper change and nursing.

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