Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Dinner

We spent the day at Grammy and Poppi's for Easter dinner! After visiting with family all afternoon, I realized how many more people I have to help me with Ben and spend time with me while Josh is gone during the week. Josh's cousin lives fifteen minutes from Jefferson City, so I can even have company there. I feel like I don't even need help as much as I just need company every now and then, and spending a day with family is a great way for me to remember how much support I really have. It was also great to have so many people wanting to hold the baby all day.

I asked Josh to photograph the day for me, but I only got a couple of pictures because he needed to spend more time cooking than I realized.


  1. cute pictures! you are looking great! I like Ben's fancy outfit.

  2. Thanks! I'm wearing all clothes from your clothing swap. Those are my new favorite jeans! Ben lasted in that outfit for about one hour before peeing all over it.