Monday, April 6, 2009

Coupon deals at Walgreens and Wal-Mart 04/05 ads

Great Wal-Mart deals here, and Walgreens deals here.

Here's my loot for today.

Wal-Mart deals ($26.25 in coupons)
(go to link above or just ask for more details on which coupons I used)
2 Trial size Old Spice bodywash, FREE
Bisquick biscuit mix, FREE
Crunch N' Munch, FREE
2 Bars of Johnson's kids soap, FREE
4 Four-packs of Hawaiian Rolls, 44 cents each
2 Bottles of Kraft salad dressing, 8 cents each
2 Bags of Halls cough drops, 44 cents each
2 Bags of Sweet Tarts, 88 cents each
3 Rolls of Viva Paper Towels, 54 cents each
2 Bags of blueberry muffin mix, 33 cents each
Aveeno lotion, 97 cents
Box of Cocoa Puffs, $1.23
10 packages of Kotex, 20 cents each

Walgreens deals ($43.66 in coupons, rebates and sales)
Edge shaving gel, FREE (after register rewards)
Skintimate shaving gel, FREE (after register rewards)
2 Cans of Oust disinfectant, FREE (after mail-in rebate)
3 Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.83 each
3 Cans of Swanson Chicken Broth 68 cents each
2 Cans of Gillette shaving gel, 99 cents each
Physician's Formula Organic foundation, 99 cents (after mail-in rebate)
6 Seasonings, 50 cents each
3 Bags of potting soil, 99 cents each
2 3-packs of Schick Quarto razors, $2.40 each

I purchased $102.31 worth of products for only $32.40 (after rebates), equaling a %68 savings! Once again, I am proud of purchasing only things we need and will use. Many of these things (potting soil, foundation, a couple of the spices) were things I would have bought this week no matter what, and I am thrilled to find deals for each of them. Tomorrow we're going to try Dillons or Price Cutter because they double coupons. It takes an incredible amount of time in the store for me to do this because I don't have a great system yet, but it's getting easier.

I've been eating dairy again for the past several days, and it's hard to say if there's any difference in Ben. Because we went a couple of days without his Zantac, he was really fussy anyway, so I can't tell if the dairy has been a factor. We were able to get our prescription refilled today and he's been a much happier baby.

I actually left him with my parents for the first time tonight. It's crazy to think I haven't left him for more than thirty minutes (with Pam, while I walked down to the DMV), since he's been born. It was good for me, though. I enjoy my book club group, albeit a very strange mix of women. I didn't read much of the book, but we spend most of the time visiting about things other than the book anyway. I got to choose our next book - Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I've started it but haven't finished it yet. I will be sure to write about it once I've finished it.

Ben received some gifts at book club too. Dody gave him the adorable "Ask Me About My Compost Pile" and "I Can't Read" onsies and the awesome socks that look like shoes. The outfit, pants and teeth ring are from another teacher friend of ours.

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